Case:V93K-SD DC/DC Improvement

Case:V93K-SD DC/DC Improvement

The details are described below:
Each DC/DC board is assembled by 2 circuit boards.
Each board has five power modules, including 2 pcs 12V modules, 2 pcs 3.3V modules, and a 5V module.

Lifetime Issue of 12V Module
The 12V module failure rate has raised to 50% since 2008, therefore, we developed an improved DC/DC

The 1st generation DC/DC perfectly solved the problem of the 12V power trip issue on V93K-SD during the past decade.

The New Generation of DC/DC
We designed the 2nd generation of DC/DC, which includes a new type of 5V/12V power bricks and all new PCB designs to solve the power trip problem. The power bricks of 5V/12V are different from the standard products in the market, they are specially developed for FIXWELL.